Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer – Boy Meets Girl…

Nov 06,2013

Boy meets girl….

‘Erm excuse me’ says boy. ‘Yes’ says girl. ‘It’s your cat…’ says boy. ‘huh?’ says girl. ‘It keeps coming in my house and eating my cat’s food!’ ‘Really??? I don’t have a cat!’ says girl. Boy *blushes* ‘I know. I just wanted to come over and talk to you 😉 As they say, the rest is history…

I met this couple almost two years ago at a wedding I was shooting and it was great to catch up with them again to discuss plans for their winter wedding whilst also sneaking in their engagement shoot. We opted for an urban feel to the photos and even though it was pouring down with rain we didn’t let the weather stop us from having fun capturing memories.

Hears a few peaks from their shoot…


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