Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire: The Secret Garden Wedding

Jun 26,2015

Stone cottages, church steeples and rose gardens. Lorna and Ashley knew they were chancing it with the weather when they chose their very own little secret garden for their wedding venue. But my, that chance really did pay off indeed!

Wedding Phographer Northamptonshire. The sun was shining, the market town was  bustling and the church bells were ringing in celebration of Lorna and Ashley’s wedding day.

With a pretty cottage hotel in Higham Ferris for the bide and bridal party to get ready, the wedding preparations were in full swing by the time I arrived to photograph the girls getting ready.  There was makeup, perfume, shoes and dresses; laughter (and tears!) and a bottle of champagne being popped. I knew this was going to be a great wedding day morning to photograph.

 The couple opted for a less traditional wedding venue, tucked away up a country lane and surrounded by nothing but big, open fields. What an absolute delight The Secret Garden in Wymington was! This was my first time photographing at this wedding venue and it really delivered! The grounds were beautifully kept, with rose gardens, little hideaways to escape to and 100 year old trees to hide us from the outside world.  There were lots of tucked away places for me to steal the bride and groom to for their wedding day photos.

 We couldn’t have asked for a better day. After a week of nothing but rain, the sun decided to make a special appearance for Lorna and Ashley’s wedding and everyone was happy mingling on the lawn sipping Pimms and placing bets on the grooms speech 😉

Here’s a sneak peek and Lorna and Ashley’s wedding day story…

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wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1698wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1699wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1697Thanks for stopping by!

~Much love Ferri Photography~

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