What you give is what you get!

I remember reading on a fellow photographers blog when I was just venturing into the world of photography stating ‘you only get back as much as you give’; I’ve since always followed this philosophy…

You’d be amazed at the amount of hostility I received from some photographers when just starting out; their lack of willingness to share their experience or wise words. They were of course very willing to criticise {un}constructively or cast negative comments on my thoughts and ideas. These fellow togs {photographers} soon moved from ‘those I admire’, to the *delete* button.

I often received emails from Facebook followers who are just starting out and in need some friendly advice or guidance. I remember what it was like for me; the self doubt, the obstacles and hurdles and the negativity from those {other togs} who are desperate for you to fail. I’ve always made sure that I spend the time responding positively {yet honestly} to each and every one of those emails. {Remember? ‘You only get back as much as you give’}

As I started to grow and develop as a photographer, I began to build a strong support network with well respected photographers around the world {some of those relationships turning into life long friendships}. I was touched to find so many like minded togs who were willing to take time out from their busy schedules to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences {good and bad} or to just be there as a sounding board when I was having a ‘bad day’ or wanted to talk through an idea or problem.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a mentoring session with an amazing fellow tog who’s work I’ve sat and admired from a far, Barbara Leatham. If you haven’t checked out her website yet you should take a peak 😉 http://www.barbaraleatham.co.uk/

Our day started with a bottomless cup of tea {and maybe a cake or two!} while we discussed my chosen topics in detail. We shared information and ideas and Barb was so open and giving with her 20 years experience. It was a no questions barred {photography related} session that felt a bit like crawling into the ‘fountain of knowledge’. It was so refreshing and inspirational. As well as talking, Barb made sure that there was plenty of time for putting the learning into practice too.

To show that it really wasn’t just a day of drinking tea and eating carrot cake, I thought you might like a little peak of the session’s results. {All this talk of cake has made me feel hungry!}