Northamptonshire Photographer – All Spooked Out!

I know this isn’t my usual posing, but I wanted to give you an insight into what I do when I’m not on client shoots. I think it’s so important to keep stretching myself and photographing things outside my *norm* {portraits, weddings and families}.

I recently joined a photography group on Flickr. Each month you’re paired with another photographer and send each other a ‘push’. The aim is to get you photographing something that’s outside your comfort zone.

As my photos tend to be happy people or images that evoke happiness, my push was to photograph an image that captured sorrow {for someone who walks around smiling 99.9999% of the time, this was a challenge beyond challenge!}

I’d heard of an old Victorian {1876!} derelict mental asylum {Saint Crispin} in my home town and couldn’t help head over to take a look. After some sweet talking to security {and eyelash flattering} I gained access into the crumbling building…

It had such an eery feel that sent a chill to my bones {probably didn’t help that it was -3 outside!} Although much of the inside had been stripped back, you could still pick out some of the details that gave you a peek into what it once was. There was a real sense of sorrow in the shabby building. Many children had been sent to the asylum and many died during a fire. The  rows of tiny rooms must have seen some horrific sites back in their time! The asylum created the perfect ambiance for my sorrow push. Keep scrolling down to see the final image I submitted for my challenge. Would love to know if you think I pulled it off!