Northamptonshire Portrait Photographer: A Chelsea Shoot!

Some time ago I contacted Katie J Piper, London based photographer, via Facebook {good old social media ;)}. We met for lunch at St Pancras Station and immediately hit it off; spending the afternoon talking about photography {she was clearly as passionate/bananas (take your pick) about photography as me!}

Katie asked if I’d like to assist her on a days shoot in Notting Hill. I jumped at the chance of working with another talented photographer!

Due to the snow and freezing temperatures {and yet more snow} Katie’s client rescheduled. With the day already booked out in our diaries and cameras ready to go, we decided to meet up anyway and carry out a little impromptu shoot of our own!

We didn’t venture too far and walked down the streets on Chelsea. then headed over the bridge to Battersea in time to catch the last of the evening light. It was soooo cold but looking at the pictures you’d never know…