Northamptonshire Family Photographer: Park Love‏ and Ice Cream

What a wonderful day! I can’t believe this little fella was barely walking the last time I photographed him; and now look  at him! He’s running, jumping and hoping!

I always encourage clients to choose locations that represent them and where they will feel most at ease.  Toddler T is an outdoor boy. He loves, loves, loves the park! For this shoot it seemed like the natural choice to have a lifestyle session photographed in this playful delights favourite park.

We had so much fun chasing each other, running a make-believe ice cream shop at the top of the climbing frame {the boy has a good selection of choc-ices ;)} and generally swinging, sliding, balancing and spinning! On occasion I couldn’t help but join in on the fun, whizzing down the slide at full speed {I had to resist shouting wheeeeee at the top of my voice on my descent!}

It made me chuckle when I got a text from mummy T to say that toddler T had been talking about me all the way back home: ‘I love Danni I do!’

Here are a few of my favourite pics from the session.