Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer: Roses are red, violets are blue…

When I met Kayley and Adam for the first time for their pre wedding photography consultation in Northampton it was like meeting up with old friends {‘old’ as in known for a long time and not ‘old’ as in age! ;)}.  We met at their wedding venue and had a look around getting excited about the endless possibilities; discussing flowers, bridesmaid dresses, cakes…ow yes and wedding photos of course! When we met I knew we were the perfect match! Being invited into a couple’s most precious day is always such an honour. When looking for a wedding photographer I think it’s really important that you have a real connection with your photographer.

These two really are the sweetest couple. I’m sure Adam won’t mind me saying that I think he’s one of the most romantic men I know! When Adam and Kayley went on their very first date Adam was really apologetic that he couldn’t stay out long. He was starting a new job the following day and had to be up really early. To make up for it, the very next day he sent Kayley a bunch of flowers… he hasn’t stopped sending them ever since! Now each month at pay day, Kayley receives a beautiful bunch of flowers! Kayley I think you’ve bagged yourself a good one there 😉

Here are a few photos from their engagement shoot…

Northamptonshire wedding photographer