Northamptonshire Photographer: Feeling inspired?

There’s been a lot of talk about London recently and the odd photo popping up on FaceBook from my little photography walk abouts.

So what have I been up to?

2013 has been crazy busy {just the way I like it ;)} and my photography business has been growing from strength to strength.  I’ve met such amazing clients and made some lifelong friends along the way. My head is always buzzing full of ideas for shoots!

A friend of mine offered me her London pad for a week while she was away on the proviso I take care of her two boys, Lenny and Ralf  {cats} It has to be said I grew quite an attachment to my two new feline friends!

As we’re drawing toward the end of 2013, I thought now would be a good time to stop for a while {well, for a few days anyway}, take stock, make time for myself and start to make plans for 2014. London always seems to have a way of clearing my mind {seems strange considering it’s such a crowded, bustling place!}.

I used this opportunity to get out an about with my camera, find inspiration and create some thinking space. Often with no destination in mind, and  only the decision of ‘do I go left or right?’ I set off with my camera {in the rain!}.

Some of my favourite personal photos have been captured when I’ve got lost and stumbled across something that’s made me stop and look a bit deeper into the frame. I also love looking  for the mixture of old and new and there was certainly plenty of that in London 🙂

You don’t always need a reason to take your camera out with you. Here are a few of my ‘walk about’ photos. Hopefully this will inspire you to pick up your cameras and go out and just walk . Feel free to share your own walk about images below or on my FaceBook page . I’d love to see what you’ve found along the way…

Northamptonshire Photographer