Northamptonshire Travel Photographer: A Penny for your Thoughts

Did you know that 60% of south Vietnam practice Buddhism? Turns out {like most} it’s a very complex religion with a number of different Buddha’s! I won’t try to explain the art of Buddhism in detail for fear of getting it totally wrong. Hopefully as I venture deeper into Vietnam and Cambodia I’ll start to learn a little more about this fascinating religion and I promise I’ll share my findings with you 😉

Below are a few images I took  in a pagoda of a local village. I’m told the Buddha of wealth resides here and that people travel a great distance to come and see him.   I sat for a while and just watched as people come and go, lighting incense and praying…2013-12-28_0001Northamptonsire Travel Photographer_00122013-12-28_00042013-12-28_00032013-12-28_0009

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