Northamptonshire Photographer: I think I may have to make an apology

All the best laid plans don’t always go…well, to plan!

You might remember me saying that I was planning to keep a travel blog, documenting my experience of some travel photography whilst visiting Vietnam and Cambodia over Christmas and New Year. I think I may have been a little over optimistic thinking that wifi would still be able to perform at the speed of knots in South East Asia! My visit meant moving from one hotel to another on a daily basis and although wifi was usually available, it was rather on the slow side and a little temperamental.

So although a little late, I thought I would put together a couple of blogs {if all a bit delayed!} with some of my captured images and stories to go with them.

I’m still trawling through the thousands {I kid you not!} of images, but promise I’ll share a little something with you soon.  Watch this space!

But for now, yes these are earwigs and no I didn’t eat them but  if you didn’t know what they were would you have a nibble? They do look rather yummy don’t you think? 😉Northasmptonshire Family portrait wedding photographer-2