Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer – Girl Power!

Northasmptonshire Family portrait wedding photographer-2

A friend of mine recently proposed to her boyfriend – after ten years of waiting for him to ‘pop the question’, she took charge and decided she’d ask him instead {now that’s what I call girl power!}

It was such a romantic proposal – she’d set a series of clues at one of their favourite locations. Each clue had a riddle pointing him to the next clue; attached to the clue was a photo of them. There were 10 clues {for each year together} and 10 photos {taken over the 10 years}.

The last clue led him to a big oak tree where she’d set out a winter picnic. There was a large fluffy, wool blanket for them to snuggle under and a flask of hot chocolate with marshmallows. She’d packed a basket with an array of delicious goodies and had lit a mismatch of lanterns to create a sense of warmth {and romance}. They both cried when she asked him {in a good way of course}…

When she was telling me about how she proposed; the special emotional moment they had together and the surprised look on his face, it got me thinking. How amazing would it have been if that moment had been captured by a  series of images; something they could look back on and that would take them back to that special place and special time in their lives that would mark the romantic moment when they decided to take the next step to becoming husband and wife.

All my wedding packages include a complementary engagement shoot which happens once a couple have got engaged; it’s a lovely way to celebrate the event {plus we usually get to chat over tea and cake after ;)} However, how about booking a ‘fly on the wall’ session? Imagine this:  I’m tucked away somewhere discreetly without being noticed – there to take capture the expression and reaction when you get down on one knee and ask those four magical words! They then get the extra surprise  and relive the moment two weeks later when you give them a set of beautifully presented images {Isn’t love great!} 🙂

Planning a proposal? Then why not get in contact and we can plan our secret photo shoot.

Ow, and of course he said yes…Just in case you were wondering 😉