Northamptonshire Photographer: To Blog or Not to Blog that is the Question!

Northasmptonshire Family portrait wedding photographer-8Do you have weekends where you seem to eat an above average amount of cheese? I only ask because last weekend seemed to be the ultimate cheese blow out! Three cheese platters in three consecutive days? I’d call that excessive! {good job I had good company to share it with} 😉

Whilst chatting {over cheese} with one of my writer friends over the weekend, we spoke about our first experiences of blogging and how we struggled to get our ideas from our head, down into something meaningful that people would enjoy reading.

I remember when I first started writing, I’d often only get as far as the first sentence; going back over it 100 times, constantly changing it and moving the words around to try and make it ‘sound’ better. By the time I was happy {I use this term loosely} with it, I’d lost the will to put cyber pen to cyber paper and write the next sentence!

So how did I overcome the ‘give up blogging’ saga?

I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to get things right first time. We forget about the bigger picture and get caught up in the teeny, tiny detail of what we’re doing. Sound familiar?

So, you have a great idea you want to blog about? Then just write about it. Seriously, just write it! Write it from start to finish without going back and re reading it until you’ve got to the end. Write it as you’re thinking and saying it in your head {as if you’re ‘telling’ someone a story}. Don’t pause, just keep writing. Ignore any spelling or grammar errors – just write it.

By doing this you’ll find that your words will begin to flow freely, without distraction or self-criticism and you’ll end up with the main structure for your blog post that will just need some fine tweaking. I promise {hand on heart} that the more you do this, the easier it will get and you’ll soon begin to find that you’ll need to do less tweaking.

Go on! I dare you! Just do it 😉  I’d love to know how you get on…