Northamptonshire Photographer – On a more personal note…

Northasmptonshire Family portrait wedding photographer-3

Sometimes you meet people in your professional industry who become lifelong friends. I met Chloe at a wedding in Northamptonshire; she was the wedding makeup artist and I was the wedding photographer. I was really impressed by both her work and her professionalism and after chatting some days after the wedding, we decided to carry out some collaborative work together on a couple of portrait photography shoots.

Chloe’s creative passion as an artist really shone through when she spoke about her work. Not just as a makeup artist but also as a painter under the name of Pudding Art Baby. I was fortunate enough to see some of Chloe’s work in ‘the flesh’ and I was really moved by her ability to capture the essence of her subjects in her art work. I knew that I wanted Chloe to paint my portrait and I was over the moon when she agreed to take on a commission for me.

Sometime life throws us a series of little challenges that test our inner strength and determination.  Chloe’s portraits are often quite solemn so that you stand in silent  contemplation when viewing it. However knowing me as she does, Chloe said she wanted to portray me as a strong, independent woman looking towards the future and creating new and exciting life chapters.

When saw my portrait for the first time I thought about how well it captured me in the here and now. Thank you Chloe for creating such a beautiful and provoking portrait of me.

Northasmptonshire Family portrait wedding photographer