Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire: Kettering Hotel Wedding

Childhood sweethearts, I couldn’t think of a couple that were absolutely made for each other than these two…

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire: Kettering Spa hotel in Northamptonshire provided Deborah and Darren with the perfect outdoor, intimate wedding venue. With only close friends and family present, I felt like I had been invited to photograph something incredibly special. The love and admiration that surrounded this couple was clear to see and the bond and closeness of everyone around them shone throughout the whole day.

So much time and attention had been put into ever little handmade detail to ensure that their wedding guests were made to feel special. This wasn’t a day just about Deborah and Darren; it was a day about everyone who had been invited to share this special wedding. As a result, it was a very relaxed; guests talking, laughing and joking. It was as if everyone was old friends celebrating together. With great company and a five course wedding breakfast no one was in a rush to finish!

It was an emotional ceremony with lots of tears of happiness and joy. Even the groom was overwhelmed with love and affection when he saw his bride making her way up the isle to meet him. Together from the age of 16 when they were just childhood sweethearts, today he saw this beautiful woman who he would soon call his wife.

It was such a pleasure to be the photographer as this Northamptonshire wedding. Deborah and Darren, thank you for asking me to be part of your special day.

Here’s a photographer peak at Deborah and Darren’s wedding day story…

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Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1732Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1731Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1733Thanks for stopping by!

Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire

~Ferri Photography~


Beautiful thank you for capturing our memories of a fabulous day

It was my pleasure Julie 🙂