Wedding photographer Northampton: A Bucket and Farm and a Whole Lot of Love

Well they weren’t wrong when they said they were having their wedding reception in a field. It was a very big and open field at that and they had even erected a marquee for this rather special occasion!

Wedding photographer Northampton: I remember meeting Jean and Dan over 12 months prior when they’d chosen me as their wedding photographer; Jean explained that she had grown up on her family farm with lovely open space and country views. This couple were adamant that they wanted something personal and homemade and that’s exactly what they planned. Every detail had been thoughtfully put together by the couple, their friends and family. There was no florist or baker, just everything made by loving hands, by family and friends wanting to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for Jean, Dan and their guests…

There was an air of calm when I arrived to capture the morning preparations. Everything was running ahead of schedule and all of Jean’s beautiful wedding details had been set out on the table for me to photograph.

Jean arrived in her granddads vintage car that he’d lovingly restored specially for today. It was such a proud moment. Watching his granddaughter leave the car at her local church on her wedding day.

Although there was plenty of rain, it didn’t dampen (excuse the pun!) this couples spirits and there was just enough sunshine to sneak the bride and groom away for some photos.

Here’s a sneak peak into Dan and Jeans Northampton wedding

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