Wedding Photographer Northampton: A Dodford Manor Wedding Delight!

Giggling girls and powdering of noses it was all go, go, go when I arrived at this Northamptonshire countryside wedding venue at Dodford Manor.

Wedding Photographer Northampton. Dodford Manor wedding venue has always been a hit with my couples. With beautiful views over the Northamptonshire countryside what’s not to love?!

Today was a special day for Dan and Lisa, even the rain wasn’t going to stop them sharing their beautiful wedding day with friends and family. They were oblivious to the blustery wind and rain that was going on outside the barn; too excited about what was about to happen…

There was an air of calm as the groom waited at the front of the isle for his bride to make her grand appearance. He couldn’t stop smiling as he watched her make her way towards him arm in arm with her father. This was the moment they’d both been dreaming of for months, and today the day had finally came when he could call Lisa his wife! It was clear to see how totally in love this couple are and what an incredible partnership they have.

It was such a beautiful vintage themed wedding.  All the little touches so perfectly carefully put together by the bride and groom. Everything the couple could have wished for and more.

Here’s a sneak peek into Dan and Lisa’s Northampton wedding day story…

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1772Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1773Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1776Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1774Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1779Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1778Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1777Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1780Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1781Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1794Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1782Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1788Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1783Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1784Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1785Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1786Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1787Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1789Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1790Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1791

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1792Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1793
Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1799Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1800

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1801

Wedding photographer Northampton_1802
Father of the bride speech!

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1805

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1803Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1806Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1804Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1807Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1808Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1810Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1812Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1809

Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1811Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1814Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1813Wedding photographer Northamptonshire_1815