Wedding Photographer Northamptonshire: Ian and Leanne

You’re the best friend

That I ever had I’ve been with you such a long time

You’re my sunshine

And I want you to know

That my feelings are true I really love you

You’re my best friend


Wedding Photographer Northampton: Sometimes life deals you a second chance. And sometimes with that second chance comes with that sole mate; the person you’ve been waiting for all your life…

Ian and Leanne knew the moment they met that this was it; this was the person they wanted to spend the rest of their years and grow old with. The love, care and respect this couple have for each other was visible from our initial consultation a year ago when we spoke about their Northamptonshire wedding and today. Ian’s face was lit up like a Cheshire cat; he couldn’t stop grinning from cheek to cheek when he saw Leanne glowing with beauty and happiness.

It was important for Ian and Leanne to have their family close beside them and with their eight children by their side, Leanne’s eldest giving her away and Ian’s eldest as best man, two families came together as one at this wedding.

Ian and Leanne created all the little details themselves and the piece de resistance was the amazing wedding cake and sweet table. My ow my I’ve never seen such a delight! Every little sugar flower, biscuit, lollipop treats and cupcakes lovingly created by the bride and constructed by the groom the morning of their big day. And didn’t he do well! 😉

Here’s a sneak peek into Ian and Leanne’s Northampronshire wedding day story…

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