Wedding Photographer Northampton: Claire and Jack

You’re the best friend That I ever had I’ve been with you such a long time You’re my sunshine And I want you to know That my feelings are true I really love you You’re my best friend


Wedding Photographer Northampton: I’ve never laughed and cried so much at wedding. This Northampton wedding was a real roller-coaster of happy emotions. As well as being Claire and Jacks wedding photographer, I also felt like I’d been reunited with old friends. Friends that I had shared a lifetime with…

The house was buzzing with happiness and excitement. Hair was being curled and makeup delicately applied. Looking around the kitchen with mum and dad throwing each other the occasional ‘I love you. Aren’t we the luckiest parents in the world?!’ look and with bridesmaids drinking tea from china cups and laughing, there was such an air of love and closeness. It was an honour to be ther. To be let into this magical bubble that Claire’s family and best friends create when they’re together.

It was obvious that Claire’s  cracking sense of humor came from her parents. I don’t think I they stopped smiling for the whole day.  Clair’s mums theory of how guests should be allocated to the left or right of the isle, had us all in fits of giggles until their were tears of laughter rolling down or cheeks!

Claire and Jack opted for a registry office ceremony at Northampton Guild Hall, and a less traditional wedding breakfast at the Old School in the pictures Stanwick Village. This was only the second time the restaurant had hosted a wedding and it has to be said, their organisation and attention to detail was a real testament to them…

Here’s a sneak peek into Claire and Jacks Wedding day story.

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Wedding Photographer Northampton


Hi Daniela Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely comments for our daughter Claire’s wedding. We all had such an amazing day and so happy that you were apart of it. You captured the love, affection and happiness we all experienced on Claire & Jack’s day. We all have special memories to treasure and fantastic photos to look at. A big , big thank you for all your hard work.

Kind regards

Jan & Kevin ( Claire’s Mum & Dad) xxx

Hi Jan and Kevin

It was my absolute pleasure and feel so incredibly blessed that I could be part their special day. What a wonderful family you have! All the best for the future and hopefully our paths will cross again 🙂 xxx