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Mummy, today you’re going to be a princess and daddy is going to be your prince…

Wedding Photographer Northampton: Nestled amongst the rolling Northamptoshire countryside, in the ever popular wedding venue, Dodford Manor provided the perfect romantic setting. The sun was shining, the sheep were bahhhhing and the cows were mooooing!  After a week of nothing but rain, all our happy sun dances seemed to pay off.

I don’t think I’ve met a couple who have enjoyed planning their wedding quite as much as Luke and Rachael. These guys knew exactly the style and feel they wanted to create for their big day. They searched high and low for the perfect details to complement their Northamptonshire country wedding at Dodford Manor. From vintage bikes all rusted and disused, to forgotten, old wooden ladders tucked away behind sheds that had seen better days; Luke primped and primed these little gems until they were lovingly restored back to their former glory. It has to be said, the finished results were rather impressive and well worth the hard work!

It wasn’t just the groom who put his creative touch to good use; Rachel spent many months pulling all their ideas together and complementing them with the perfect, pastel colour palette of dusky pinks, peaches and creams. Everything came together perfectly – it was no happy accident, every little detail from dresses, shoes, flowers, table décor and the groom’s attire came perfectly together with love. This was a joint effort of working together to create their perfect wedding day and something that they would forever remember. It really was a joy to photograph 🙂

Below is a sneak peek into Luke and Rachel’s Northampton countryside, Dodford Manor wedding day story…

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Wedding photographer Northampton_1841Wedding photographer Northampton_1840Wedding photographer Northampton_1842Wedding photographer Northampton_1844
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