Wedding Photographer Leicestershire: Hunsbury Hill Centre- Daniel and Jaime

The day I married you

I forgot the color blue

For my life was aflush

With hues and shades so plush

With a rich palette

The tint of my life was set

You made my life a rainbow…



Wedding Photographer Leicestershire: I loved watching the bond between the three generations; Jaime, her mum and her grandmother. I could see how incredibly close they are to each other and I felt privileged to have been let into their circle of love today and had been asked to be this couples wedding photographer. It was so heart-warming to see them all present as Jaime was preparing for her wedding day.

Jaime and Dan chose the Hunsbury Hill Centre in Northampton as their wedding venue. The staff here always know how to host a good wedding and every detail never goes unnoticed by the Northamptonshire team! Jamie was absolutely beaming with happiness (and a few tears!) as she walk up the isle to meet Dan. She looked so elegant and beautiful Dan couldn’t believe his eyes. I think his face during the first look says it all!

It was such a lovely relaxed affair. Everyone was enjoying kicking back on this sunny afternoon and drinking pimms, sitting on the lawns in front of the barns or just milling around. The children also had lots of space to play games and run around. They were making full use of it! You really got the sense that this was a family wedding. Everyone was talking to everyone, and everywhere I turned to photograph was full of laughter and guests enjoyeing the days celebrations.

Such a sweet couple with beautiful friends and family and totally in love. Here’s a sneaky peek at Jaime and Dan’s wedding day story…

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