Wedding Photographer Northampton: Vintage Lace Wedding Dress – Leanne and Dan

What will it be?

Will it be silk?

Will it be satin?

Or will it be

Lushings and lushings of beautiful vintage lace?

Wedding photographer Northampton: Leanne and Dan are anything but traditional. {After all, not many people have a bridesman at their wedding!} When I first met them in Northampton to photograph their pre wedding shoot I couldn’t help but get excited about all the little details they were planning, and I certainly couldn’t wait to photograph Leanne’s hand made vintage lace wedding dress that I’d heard so much about…

Shop after shop Leanne tried one wedding dress after another. In her mind she knew exactly what she wanted. While she pulled one pretty wedding gown to another off the dress rail, nothing ticked all the boxes. It was when her mother-in-law ‘to be’ offered to hand make her dress that Leanne’s dream started to become a reality! Hand stitched, champagne satin lined and beautiful lace; lushings and lushing of it. It fit Leanne like a glove and suited her perfectly. This wasn’t a  wedding dress you wear for one day, but a wedding dress that would be passed from one generation to the next and that would look even more beautiful over time. As well as Leanne’s dress, her mother-in-law made all the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses; each one different in shape, style and colour to complement each of the girls. The combination worked perfectly.

The wedding breakfast was held at the lovely Hunsbury Hill Centre in Northampton

Here’s a peak at Leanne and Dan’s Northampton wedding day story. Ow and did I tell you about the hair? This has to be one of my favorites wedding hair dos to date!

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