5 reasons why you should have a wedding album

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Apart from a house, a wedding is probably one of the most expensive things you’ll ‘buy’. You’ll spend hours in front of your spreadsheet shuffling figures around to stay within your budget. As you start booking your suppliers you soon realise that some things are more expensive than anticipated; and once again the juggling begins! Albums are often seen as an additional expense and money that could be spent elsewhere.

In the past, many of my bride and grooms opted for their wedding images on a disk only.  Often they’d print a few of their favourites and  put them up around the house, but not many opted with an album that that told their wedding day story and which they could easily share with visiting friends and family.

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This year has been different.  I’ve felt like Santa Clause delivering beautiful parcels to my newly married couples.  Those lush Italian, leather, handcrafted  front covers with a silky smooth finish and lay flat pages displaying the heart and soul of my couples wedding. I think however recently there has been a change in mindset.  Couples are starting to realise that whilst their wedding will only last a day, a wedding album that has been beautifully designed to retell their wedding story, will last a lifetime.

Here are 5 reasons why all couples should invest in a wedding day album:

  • You will remember the times you sat cuddled up on the sofa with your children (and their children) with your album telling them your wedding day story – it will probably become their favourite story EVER!
  • A wedding album isn’t just a book with photos in it. It’s a lovely story. More importantly it’s YOUR love story.
  • It WILL make grandma/mum (you!) cry happy tears when they linger over each page reliving the memories.
  • It will become an heirloom you pass from one generation to another – your memories and love for eachother will continue to live on through you wedding album.
  • Flowers die, the little details fade from your memory – a wedding album with your love story lasts a lifetime.

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