Wedding Photographer Northampton: All Saints Church Burton Dassett Wedding

Pure and utter elegance and the most amazing pair of heals I’ve ever seen!

I had the usual excited butterflies in my tummy as I followed a row of freshly cut wild flowers, laced in ribbon leading me to Tiffany and Triston little country cottage. This was a wedding I had been looking forward to for quite some time. Tiffany and I had chatted about their wedding details when we met over a year prior to their wedding. I knew then that this was going to be a rather special day and I was excited to be their wedding photographer…

Tiffany and Triston had thought about everything. Even the colour of the room that Tiffany would be getting ready in had been carefully planned; whites and soft muted colours that would reflect light and make everything illuminate with beauty. Tiffany’s gold, stiletto shoes where stunning and fit for a princess and her tulle wedding dressed swished and swayed effortlessly as she walked. Pastel pinks, peach and creams peonies filled Tiffany’s wedding bouquets that made the room smell of a sunny rose garden.

Their wedding service was held at All Saints Church in Burton Dassett, predating 1087, it  could have easily been in Italy or Province. With its rustic, understated charm, tucked away on the hillside. It couldn’t have been any prettier and the most perfect place to get married. It took my breath away from the moment I saw it.

The wedding breakfast was held at Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire; packed full of history and rose gardens, it made the perfect wedding venue for this couple.

Photos were a real important part of the wedding for Tiffany and Triston. Choosing venues with lots of light, pastel, natural backgrounds and stunning backdrops were chosen, knowing that their photographer (me!) would create fine art, soft, timeless images for them.

I loved this couple’s attitude. Tiffany wasn’t phased by the daunting task of ambling over hills to capture the breathtaking views that Burton Dassett had to offer. She threw off her shoes, hoyked up her dress to her ankles and tackled the uneven surfaces like a pro! You’ve gotta love this girl 😉

Here’s a peak at Tiffany and Tristons wedding day story…

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