Hothorpe Hall | Lisa & Jack

We could have sat and chatted for hours (literally!) When I walked to the car park I knew that we were the perfect match…

I met Lisa and Jack about 18 months before their wedding. They told me about all their wonderful plans for their big day at Hothorpe Hall in Lutterworth. Whilst we sat and chatted if felt like I’d known this couple forever. Lisa had so many beautiful ideas that she wanted to incorporate into their day. Her styling, soft vivid colour scheme and bespoke wedding dress where perfect for their chosen venue. Surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens and views of the Leicestershire countryside, Hothorpe Hall provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding photos. Plus after a week of nothing but rain, the sun not only shone, but it shone more brightly than ever…

When I arrived at Hothorpe, the Round Room had been transformed into a wedding boudoir full of bridesmaids, beauticians and breakfast! There was laughter, happy tears and a rather sentimental card from the groom to his wife to be.

Lisa and Jack sealed the deal at the Cathedral Of Our Lady & St Thomas in Kingsthorpe. I’ve never seen a couple beam with so much happiness than these guys. They were so excited to finally be tying the knot that I thought they might actually pop! I couldn’t help but spend the day smiling with them.

Back at Hothorpe Hall Lisa and Jack’s guests were greated with a rather impressive jazz band. Sipping free flowing champagne and snaking on delicious canapés. The day just oozed happiness and laughter. After grace was said, the wedding breakfast was served and the day carried on into the evening. All I can say is, these guys know how to throw a good wedding party!

Here’s a sneaky peak into Lisa and Jack’s wedding day story…

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Amazing,beautiful.Fantastic photos

Thanks Tim. It’s all down to the couple 😉 xx