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Scottish Highlands Wedding: It takes one crazy idea and before you know it you’re sprinting to gate 16 with 3 cameras in your hand luggage and wearing the entirety of your weekend wardrobe because you’ve ran out of room in your case…

Scottish Highlands Wedding Inspiration

Scottish Highlands Wedding Inspiration – With one thing and another 2016 wasn’t quite the start to the new year I had planned. It did however make me stop and think. Think about what I wanted to achieve this year and how I was going to achieve it. I was determined to turn a negative into a positive and focus my energy on things that make me happy and spend time with people that inspire and make me smile.

By now you’ve probably heard me say it time and time again in my blog posts…it can be lonely work being a wedding photographer. Although surrounded by wonderful couples and their loving family and friends, that’s only part of the job. The other part involves spending evenings and free weekends editing, answering emails, admin etc. Wedding photographers tend to give up much of their summer to follow their photography dream. I should probably point out at this stage that this isn’t a plea for sympathy.  Far from it fact. We do what we do because we love it. We love ‘love’. Who doesn’t right?! 😉

So where does running to gate 16 come into all this? It all started with the idea of a visit to Glasgow. My good old pal Vic, from Vicky JK Lumbrum asked if I’d like to join her. Vic was planning on spending the weekend with Sizie Li photography and Roma Elizabeth Photography. We had all met in a workshop last summer and kept in contact. These girls, amongst others from the workshop, have become my friends. They have always been the people I turn to for help and advice or to just run an idea passed. There are no secrets to being a wedding photographer. Just a community of likeminded people who share our passion. These girls have always been very open and giving with their knowledge and experience.

So what had started from a weekend visit, developed into a road drip round the Scottish highlands, and grew into a full blown photoshoot with models and suppliers! What an amazing team we made.  Working together, sharing ideas and most importantly smiling and laughing together.  When a bunch of creatives get together something rather special happens. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the images from our weekend adventure and a little Scottish Highlands Wedding Inspiration sparkle. Watch this space…