Sulgrave Manor | Ellie & Tim

Sulgrave Manor: Balloons, Bunnies and Churchill.

OK so it rained but do you know what? Ellie and Tim’s day couldn’t have been more perfect even if the sun man himself had popped down and done a little tap dance on the top table…

When a couple tell me that they’ve chosen Sulgrave Manor as their wedding venue, I always get a little flutter of excited butterflies in my tummy. Who would have thought it but this beautiful manor house dating back to the mid-500s was built by Laurence Washington, George Washington’s five times great grandfather (Now there’s a little history lesson for you!)

Sulgrave Manor has the style and sophistication that ran through the entirety of Ellie and Tim’s wedding day. From The Old Forge House that Ellie booked for her bridal prep; with elevated ceilings and exquisite interior to thier wedding invites which had been beautifully designed by Kate Ruth Romey Bespoke Wedding Stationery. The cottage was situated a short walk from Sulgrave Manor and despite the grey sky outdoors, we were spoilt for light in the open plan living room that had been turned into the girls changing room.

Ellie and Tim’s three year old little boy was the perfect helper.  He passed makeup brushes and powder puffs to the girls (even when they didn’t need them ;)) Even Ellie’s stunning champagne, tulle dress got the final check from Harry and bunny before it was allowed to go on.

The ceremony was a relaxed affair full of family and close friends.  Both Tim and Ellie couldn’t stop smiling at each other and it is easy to see why. This is definitely one very happy couple.

Everything so beautifully and thoughtfully put together. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a sneak peek into Ellie and Tim’s wedding day story…

Sulgrave Manor Sulgrave




Lovely photos! Well done!