Brampton Heath Golf Club | Chris & Steff

Brampton Heath Golf Club: There wasn’t the usually hustle and bustle when I arrived and Chris and Steffs home. All was calm. Steff was getting ready leisurely in her bedroom with only the proud, watchful eye of her mother. There were mutterings about lipstick colours, mascara and the usual hair up and hair down debate. All was very relaxed. There was no mistaking it though, amongst all the polite chit chat, the room with just mother and daughter was full with so much love and admiration.

Looking at her daughter as she carefully applied her wedding makeup, Steff’s mother was beaming with pride. I never tire of seeing that look. No matter the age of a ‘child’ that love unconditional mother never goes. If anything, even when you think it’s not possible, it just gets stronger and stronger as the years go on. Situations like this reminds me of why I became a wedding photographer and what a privilege it is to be able to witness and record these moments. Moments that as a result will never be lost.

Chris and Steff married at the Brampton Heath Golf Club. It was a small, intimate wedding and everything was simply perfect (including the weather!) We were spoilt with the views over the Northamptonshire country side as guests mingled and played games on the balcony in the sunshine. It was great to see so many familiar faces. It wasn’t that long ago I was capturing Chris and Steffs best friend’s wedding, and it was great to see everyone again. It always feels as though I’m visiting friends when I’m invited to photograph another wedding within such a tight circle of close friends.  Everyone had their part to play in this wedding and it was wonderful to see everything come together so beautifully.

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Love the one of steff looking at nick across the room showing her vail and you and nick looking at the happy couplE. Beautiful pictures of A wonderful day

beautiful photographs of a fabulous couple on a truely wonderful day.