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Althorp Coaching Inn: I always get a little nervous when I’m photographing another photographers wedding. When I spoke to Helen she had told me that choosing her photographer was the hardest decisions she had to make when choosing all her wedding suppliers. The pressure was on! However, equally I knew that Helen would plan her day from a photographer’s eye and I wasn’t disappointed. This Northamptonshire wedding was an absolute delight to capture; with lots of pretty little details and one very unique venue my camera was in its element…

Richard and Helen wanted everything about their wedding day to be about them as a family. Today wasn’t about a man and woman becoming husband and wife; it was about a family of four coming together to celebrate the bond of their perfect little unit in front of their closest friends and loved ones. Both Cooper and Indie had an important part to play in the day. Indie made a beautiful flower girl and Cooper was by far the cutest best man I’ve ever seen. Cooper was so excited from started to finish. His face was beaming all day. And of course with best man duties comes a speech!  With the help of his granddad and a few choice cue cards, Cooper delivered one of the most heartfelt and funniest speeches of all speeches! Guests were shedding tears of laughter and tears of happiness all at the same time.

The couple married at St Lukes church in Duston. After a drive in the Northamptonshire countryside in their vintage Porsche, stopping for a few photos, we headed to Althorp Coaching Inn in Great Brington. If you’re looking for somewhere, full of character, rustic charm and a little different than the norm then The Coach House is definitely one to pay a visit too.

Here’s a sneak peek and Richard and Helens family wedding day story at Althorp Coaching Inn…

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Ive just stopped by your site as I am currently looking for venues for my wedding in northampton- This has made my mind up on the venue. a stunning wedding and some fantastic photographs. this is exactly what i hope to achieve.