Tythe Barn | Peta and Doug

Tythe Barn: The last wedding of 2016 and what a wonderful wedding to end it with! November weddings are always a bit temperamental when it comes to the weather, but come rain or shine (and rain it did!) these guys were so caught up in finally becoming husband and wife, that I think we could have had a full blown hurricane and they wouldn’t have noticed. Totally smitten is an understatement…

I love shooting in wedding venues I’ve not yet photographed in and this has to be one of my favourites. Peta and Doug got married at Tythe Barn. A 14th Century converted barn in the heart of Bicester, Oxfordshire. More and more I’m finding that my couples are searching further afield to find the perfect wedding venue; something a little different and that represents who they are as couple. Peta and Doug looked at so many different venues but just fell in love with Tythe Barn as soon as they saw it and it’s easy to see why. Rain or no rain it certainly had that ‘wow’ factor as I walked across the pebbled ground to the grand entrance.. Its beautiful stone walls and  retained original features. You could tell that this barn had been lovingly restored and that no expense had been spared in creating this rather special wedding venue.

The smaller barn in the courtyard, The Nook, provided the perfect retreat for Peta and her girls to get ready in the morning of the wedding. Wall to ceiling windows, stylish décor, designed by Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse and plenty of space for everyone to prep and pamper. I absolutely loved tinted windows of Peta’s wedding car as it protected heat to its max, even I have planned to ask experts does home window tinting reduce heat to install it. I have also loved peta’s ivory, satin wedding dress; it’s simple but perfectly elegant lines, it’s classical but chic design. You can click here to read more about their services. It looked like it was made for Peta and suited the style and feel of Tythe Barn perfectly.

Here’s a peek at Peta and Doug’s wedding day story…

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