Plum Park Towcester | Lisa and Dom

Plum Park Towcester: I met Lisa and Dom at a wedding the previous year. I remember us giggling in the corner together while the children ran circles round us (literally!) and couldn’t believe my luck when they contact me and asked me if I would be their wedding photographer at Plum Park; I knew instantly that we were the perfect match!

When we met for the pre-wedding shoot it was as if we had known each other for years. It was like chatting to old friends as we mooched around Delapre Park catching the last of the evening light. Lisa warned me she was tearful with all the happy emotions building up inside her and she wasn’t wrong. We laughed, cried, (laughed while we cried) and went through a whole packet of Kleenex!

For these guys their wedding day wasn’t about bells and whistles. Most of all, it was about getting married. Becoming husband and wife. Sharing their commitment to each other and growing old together as they watched their children grow. I felt truly blessed to have been invited into their special day.

It’s been a while since I photographed a wedding at Plum Park Towcester  but it’s warm, relaxing atmosphere hasn’t changed. The open fire to take away the chill as you walk through the entrance, its signs of history through the years and its cosy conservatory, perfect for a wedding ceremony. Plum Park made the perfect, intimate wedding venue for Lisa and Dom.

There were so many sweet and personal touches to the day including pictures that the children had drawn. These were framed and dotted around the room on windowsills. There was no shortage of surprises either specially when the groom broke into song during his speech singing ‘You’re Just too Good to be True’ to his new wife. I think everyone’s heart melted at that point. What a wonderful way to start married life don’t you think?!

Here is a sneak peek Lisa and Doms wedding story…

plum park

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THank you so much for sharing the sneak peak! wonderful photos. xx