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Wedding photographer Paris

Wedding Photographer Paris: Wedding season can be exhausting but are also so incredibly self-fulfilling and I’m so incredibly grateful for all the wonderful weddings I’ve been invited to photograph over the last four years. It’s easy however to get super absorbed with paid work. Blissfully shooting one wedding after the other. Enjoying creating memories for special couples. Not taking time to stop and take a creative breath.

Two years ago, on New Year’s Day I made myself a promise. I promised that each year I would push and challenge myself a little more. That I would take the time out to shoot ‘just for me’. To create something beautiful. To stop. Take my time. And explore new ideas. So far so good.

Last year my creative space took me to the picturess and atmospheric Glencoe in the Scottish highlands. This year was a little different. I wanted somewhere oozing with love and romance. Somewhere people run away to gaze longingly into each other’s eyes and swear their undying love to one another. So were better? Paris…the city of love!

There’s lots of logistical challenges of organising an editorial shoot in a country where you have no contacts and where you quickly start to wish you’d paid more attention in your French GCSE lessons. It did make me chuckle as the London commuters looked at me with will wishes as I walked through the station then later sat on the train holding a fabulous wedding bouquet laced with silk ribbons. The wedding dress, neatly hung in a dress bag that I was holding probably didn’t help their speculations. I didn’t have the heart to tell them the truth and just smiled and nodded back at them.

I remember arriving in Paris, standing on the station platform with a bag full of cameras, lenses and film (and not much else!) and feeling alive. It’s amazing how travel has a knack of doing that to you.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my shots from this romantic elopement of Amelia and Jack. Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook and Instagram page for some sneak peaks. Blog to follow soon.

Wedding photographer Paris