Cotswold wedding Photographer | Andrew & Gemma

Cotswold wedding Photographer: This is a love story of two people coming together from across the world. Nothing was going to stop Andrew and Gemma from being together, not even a mere 15,000K or so!

While you click here for marine products wholesale for your boat, people are meeting their soulmates on boats! Andrew and Gemma met on a boating trip with friends. Both where on different boats but ended up meeting regularly at the various port stops that the cruise followed. Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off Gemma. His friends still tease him to date as he was constantly hoping to ‘bump’ into her when they docked.

Andrew was living in his home town in Australia with his faithful Labradoodle Dexter at the time they met. He had just signed a temporary working contract in the UK and was planning to do a short stint in London. This gave him the perfect opportunity to get to know Gemma and decide whether Dexter and he should make a permanent move to the UK. It didn’t take the couple long to realise that they couldn’t bear to be without each other. The rest is ‘history’ as they say…

This was such a special wedding in so many ways. This was a small, intimate wedding. Guests, including Andrews’s parents and twin brother, had travelled from across the globe to celebrate this special day. With a man’s best friend as the ring bearer, heartfelt speeches, a duck race and one hell of a party, this was definitely one wedding to remember.

The couple chose to marry at St Kenelm’s Church in the Cotswold, Oxfordshire. Oozing with history dating back from the 1450’s.  The ruins of the old Lovell manor house can still be seen behind the church. It provided an impressive backdrop for Andrew and Gemma’s wedding photos. After the service guests made their way to the nearby Old Swan & Minster Mill. We were spoilt by not only the sunshine but also beautiful river side gardens, wild flower meadows and woodland. With an outdoor wedding breakfast guests made the most of the wonderful views.

Here’s a sneak peek into Andrew and Gemma’s (and Dexters!) Cotswold wedding day story.

Cotswold wedding Photographer

Old Swan & Minster Mill

Bride getting ready

Bridal party

Cotswold wedding Photographer

Cotswold wedding Photographer