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Rustic Wedding Venue: The big proposal…Dan had bought the ring months before the proposal. He was waiting for just that perfect moment. One evening he told Hayley that he had a little game that he wanted her to play. He then disappeared upstairs leaving Hayley with her first clue that he had written on a post-it note…

One post-it note led to another post-it, then another, then another. Hayley was signposted to the fridge, oven, under the sofa until eventually she was told to open the hallway cupboard. In the cupboard she found a bottle of champagne chilling and two glasses. Along with the bottle was the final note…this time she was told to knock on the bedroom door before entering. As she entered, there she found Daniel. He was on one knee and a red rose between his teeth! They both started laughing and as Hayley looked down at the ring box she saw the ring she had pointed out when they first become a couple some (many!) years ago. All this time he’s remembered ‘the’ ring.  Daniel had vowed to himself that when he asked Hayley to (finally!) marry him this would be the ring he was going to do it with…

Shoes and flowers

Hayley had booked into the Hilton hotel in Northampton on the morning of her wedding to get ready with her bridal party. We were spoilt for space. While her five bridesmaids got ready in the lounging area of Haley’s suite, Hayley was being transformed into a whimsical, woodland bride in her bedroom.

Bridal prep Hayley getting her hair done The back of Hayleys hair and dress Hayley with hair and makeup finished

Daughter Molly (AKA flower girl), was keeping a watchful eye on her mum and kept popping in and out of the room as the magic was happening. I loved Hayley’s hair created by one of my all-time favorite recommended suppliers, Leanne Eldridge. This was certainly one of my favorite styles of the season. The loose curls framing Hayley’s face and giving her that whimsical, rustic wedding venue feel she was looking for. Make up by another favourite, Liza Smith, was illuminating and enhancing. The finished look was simply beautiful and I couldn’t believe the transformation.

Bride putting her shoes on Bridesmaids looking at bride

Haley wore a Lillian West gown from Courtyard Bridal Boutique in Kettering. With its soft layer upon layer of chiffon, I loved the way this dress moved and swayed in the breeze. The dress was teamed with a soft full length vale and shoes by Pink.  The bridesmaids faces where a picture when they entered the room and saw Hayley standing there all ready for her wedding day.

Daniel and Hayley had a church wedding at St Nicholas in Great Doddington. Hayley arrived in style in a VW van by Fifties Chic. The bridal party were greeted by the youngest of the groomsmen who waited eagerly on the lookout at the church gates. I loved the ‘Here Comes the Bride’ banner Hayley was greeted with as she made her way to the entrance. It was such a lovely sight!

The bridesmaids were dressed in matching blush pink Jenny Yoo dresses and were holding a posy of pink roses, eucalyptus with a dusting of Gypsophilia.

St Nicholas church in Great Doddington Brdie with her father walking to church The boys waiting at the church gateI loved the look on Daniels face when he first saw Hayley walking up the isle. It has to be said, I think this is possibly the happiest groom I have EVER seen in my whole photography career. He didn’t stop smiling for the whole day.

Daniel smiling in the curch with Hayley beside him Shot of the back of St Nicholas in Great Doddington Brdie and groom smiling at eachotherConfetti shotwedding guest smiling

The wedding reception was held at a wonderful rustic wedding venue called The Barns at Hunsbury Hill. Daniel and Hayley wanted to create a magical, forest wonderland theme to go with the rustic wedding venue feel.

Bride and groom laughing by their VW van. Hayley looking down at her flowers while sitting in the VW van

With two children of their own, family plays such an important part of this couples life and they wanted the whole day to be fun, relaxed and family orientated. With a pink lemonade stand, sweet station, garden games and a bouncy castle the younger guests were in their element.

Young girl drinking lemonade from the lemonade stand Groom laughing and hugging his mum the children playing garden games

The Barns has some beautiful, hidden spots just perfect for wedding portraits. I loved everything about Hayley’s wedding style. Whimsical, relaxed and perfect for this rustic wedding venue.

bride and groom walking hand in hand and laughing Rustic Wedding Venue the Barns at Hunsbury Bridal portrait. Groom looking at bride while holding her hand Bride and grrom looking at eachother. Groom with his hand on brides face ready to kiss her.  Everyone entered the woodland barn ready for the wedding breakfast. There were plates of sweet treats, sandwich’s with a array of tasty fillings and trays of finger foods for everyone to feast on. Surrounded by blossom trees, wild flowers and rustic touches you really felt like you’d escaped into an enchanted woodland.

wedding breakfast table setting Rustic Wedding Venue the Barns at Hunsbury

Daniel was a natural when it came to giving a speech as he had everyone crying with laughter.

Dad doing his speech and bride laughingGuests laughing    Groom doing his speech and someone taking a photo of him Groom making a toast Best man speech Groom laughing during bestman speech Groom and best man laughing together

Above all the whole day was simply perfect and exactly how the coupled had planned it. Hayley and Daniel have such a close community of friends and family. Hence,  it was clear to see that everyone who’d been invited to share their special day with them really love them. The whole day was filled with so much happy emotion.

wedding guest smiling at groom One of the guests hugging the groom The guests smiling Boys sitting on a wall eating ice cream and pulling a silly face Rustic Wedding Venue the Barns at Hunsbury Couples first dance Black and white photo of the bride and groom dancing togehter

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