What to Wear on Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

What to Wear on Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and Things to Avoid

Before I talk about outfit do’s and don’ts for your pre wedding shoot, I feel I need to briefly describe what the shoot is. Depending on the photographer the shoot can be called many things. With Engagement Shoot and Pre-Wedding Shoot being the most popular terminology.

The basics are the same – it is an opportunity to build a rapport with your photographer and learn to relax whilst having your photo taken, so come your wedding day you will know exactly what your photographer expects from you.

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So back to the outfits; the most important advice I give to my couples is to be yourself. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and can relax into. to bring in casual (look at Game Theory Merch for options) yet smart dressing.

Dress to compliment the surroundings and the seasons of the shoot. Pick a location that you love as a couple and that reflects your interests and personalities. Most pre-wedding shoots take place outside so if we are heading to the woods maybe wear wellies and woolly hats.

We will do quite a lot of walking and moving around different locations, so pack or wear footwear that is suitable for your surroundings. If it’s a winter shoot, layers are key as you can feel hot from nervous energy. Chunky knits make for lovely textural detail, autumnal and warm winter colours such as light greys, creams and rusts can work wonders against a duller background.

If its summer floaty dresses and chinos for the guys can add to that perfect summer look. Key colours for summer are pastels and lighter tones, that will stand out against a more vivid and bright background. Bold, dark colours such as navy, black and deep burgundy can often wash out the wearer as they dominate the picture. If wearing, these are best reserved for the lower half so as not to over dominate your faces.

My photography style is all about using natural light to capture beautiful moments. I find it’s best suited to softer and lighter colours such as pastels. Head over to my Engagement Portfolio for examples of Pre-Wedding Shoots.  

What to wear on your pre-wedding shoot
What to wear on your pre-wedding shoot

Make sure you have discussed what you are wearing in advance. There is nothing worse than a panic in the morning as you try and pair outfits together. There won’t be time for an outfit change during the shoot, so make sure you find an outfit you love and stick to it.

The clothes you wear will need to complement each other, if colours clash it will be obvious in your photos. Don’t pick bold prints or logo’d tops. Your energy and love for each other needs to be the main focus of the photos not the brands you are wearing. Pick simple, timeless outfits, not something that is a fad trend. You want to still love the photos in 10years time not be horrified by your wardrobe choice.

In today’s world we are all so busy running around that ironing is an often over looked chore. However, spending those 5 minutes making sure your shirt and dress is well ironed or steamed will pay off in the photos. 

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I’m a romantic who loves to capture the natural moments between couples. So my most important outfit advice is to just be yourselves, there is no ‘right’ way. As long as you’re comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, your personalities will shine through. Meaning I will be able to create images you will treasure forever. 

Couple on their pre-wedding photoshoot