How COVID Killed Memories…

I don’t know about you, but I recently noticed the lack of personal family photos I have this year. I’m usually the first to pull the camera or phone out and ask a passerby to take a photo of us.

Noah is growing up so quickly and I want to make sure I document all our memories together as a family. He’s such a happy, content little thing and loves being out, experiencing new surroundings and just generally exploring and having an adventure.

lifestyle family photo shoots

Everything has changed so much in the last few months. Gone are the days we could ask a stranger to take a photo for us. It’s not deemed safe to handle someone else’s property unless absolutely necessary. And then it’s advisable to antibac it before and after touching it. So unless we take a selfie, which just for the record I’m rubbish at, there’s nothing to capture the three of us ‘in the moment’ and that makes me sad.

Cuddling with daughter

A little before lock down, we invested in a lifestyle family photo shoot. We wanted to be captured in our home; something very understated, natural and real. I only realized later when we finished the shoot that I was still wearing my slippers (it doesn’t get any more ‘real’ than that!)

Daddy and daughter

I was so excited when the ‘your gallery is ready’ email hit my inbox. But I wasn’t quite expecting to see what I did. The biggest surprise when I saw the photos was me! I’m not usually keen on photos of myself. However, there was something different about these.

It was the way I was looking at Noah. The love and admiration in my eyes, face and whole body language was something else! I looked like I was going to pop with love from him.

Photoshoot Playing with daddy
lifestyle shoot Mummy cuddles

It’s funny how a single frame, a frozen image in time can be so…alive. These images are and will always be so special to me. Noah will always know how much I love him just by looking at a single photo.

I was recently booked for a family shoot for Preet, Taurin and their very delicious little girl Maya. Maya had recently turned one and they wanted to mark the occasion. I know that they’re planning on printing the images and dotting them around the house to be reminded of that rather special time they enjoyed together as a family.

Did you know I offer lifestyle family photo shoots? Want to know more? Then why not drop me a line x