Never Forced, Never Artificial, Always Unique

With so many styles of wedding photography it is important to find a photographer who sits right with you. Someone who’s work excites you, who makes your heart sore when you look through their portfolios and someone you feel you can really connect with.

Never forced, never artificial, always unique – what does this mean and how do I reflect this in my photography style?

I don’t follow a rule book with my photography, I love to capture moments that can’t be described with words. Such as a proud fathers teary eye, a child’s innocent excitement at first seeing the bride or a grooms loving look at his new wife. These moments are little freezes in time that build together to portray the authentic emotions of the day. As a true romantic I believe everyone has a unique story and I want each of my images to be as unique as the people inside them.

Never forced, never artificial, always unique
Mum seeing her daughter for the first time on her wedding day
Granddad smiling at his grandchilds wedding day.

My photography style has a certain softness and tangibility, a unique beauty and timeless essence. For me the best photos are the ones that look effortless and relaxed – the true moment. An image that has captured all the expressions and sentiments of that frame in time. Never forced, never artificial, always unique.

Never forced, never artificial, always unique
Groom smiling to himself during speeches
Bridesmaid holding brides hand during bridal prep

They say an image can speak a thousand words and I would love that to be true of all my work. I cherish the thought that when a couple looks back on their images years later they are instantly taken back to that moment. They remember the connections and the real excitement and happiness of their day. Authentic moments for everyday couples.

Best man and groom waiting for bride to arrive
Bride and groom kissing their son
Bride laughing with her guests
Bride laughing with her sister

From the moment I first meet my couples, I develop a relationship with them, to help them feel at ease on their day. I pride myself on a personal and intimate approach – that’s the reason I only book a handful of weddings each year. I want my couples to have an exclusive experience and I want them to feel that they can truly connect with me.

Bride and groom laughing together
Bride and groom - just married
Groom laughing very loudly
Groom seeing bride for the first time

A wedding can never be recreated but a good wedding photographer can keep memories alive for years to come. With a focus on living ‘in the moment’, my images effortlessly show your beautiful story – an honest journey through your day. Images you will always hold dear to your heart.

For a look at my philosophy why not have a meander through my portfolio. Or you can get to know my passions and interests through my blog . Or even say ‘hi’ by dropping me a line. I’d love to hear about your wedding plans.