If You’re Camera Shy Like Me

It’s hard to think that a photographer can actually be camera shy right? Wrong! I hate being on the other side of the camera. I always think my nose looks a bit big, my hair a bit frizzy and my smile a bit crooked. Maybe that’s why I’m the one always taking the photos.

I often hear my couples say ‘we’re not very photogenic’ or ‘we always feel awkward in front of the camera’. I totally feel your pain. Why is it so many of us don’t like photos of ourselves? Maybe it’s those school portraits where we were asked to smile at the camera. Or maybe it was the those photos our parents took – the ones where we were told to stop fidgeting and look at the camera.

Family photoshoot

During lockdown I realised how few photos I had of the three of us. It’s been much harder to ask a stranger to take a photo of us. Instead we’ve just had to relay on badly taken selfies. So as a result, I decided to book a photographer for our own little family shoot. And I’m SO glad I did!

When we received the photos and I looked at them for the first time, I didn’t see all the little imperfections I dislike about myself. Instead, I saw a mother with so much love in her eyes that her heart might actually burst. Nothing else mattered but that look in my eyes.

One promise I make to my couples is that I will never ask them to look at the camera and smile. Or even worse still, say cheese! My aim isn’t to make you look like you’ve just walked out of Vouge or some other glossy magazine. Neither is it to make sure everything looks ‘just so’. You probably know by now that that’s not my style.

If you're camera shy like me

My photography style is all about evoking emotion. I believe in giving you the space to connect your way. Nothing staged and no awkward posing. I’m just there to capturing the moments as they unfold. When you look at your photos I want you to see the beauty of your love. And you will see it, because my photography style is to capture the ‘real’ and the real is beautiful. You will never be left feeling awkward or uncomfortable, never left focusing on any hang ups you may have. You will be left loving your photos and everything in them.

Mum dad and baby girl

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