Why Trust is Important

Why trust is important when booking a wedding photographer

Why trust is important: So you’ve done your research, checked out their Insta and Facebook account, read their website from cover to cover and fallen in love with their work. Surely that’s it right? They’ve got to be THE ONE?

Choosing your wedding photographer is a bit like a job interview. Have you ever looked at someone’s CV and thought ‘wow this person would be great for the job’ but then when you’ve met them you’re left feeling…deflated and disappointed? They’ve walked in looking the part; they have an expensive suite, leather briefcase, they’re looking glossy and sparkly eyed. However when you start asking them questions and having a general chat you struggle to ‘click’ with them. There’s nothing that connects you. Nothing that excites you about them. Nothing that makes you think you want to put them in front of your most precious clients. And to be honest if you’re feeling like that, the chances are that they probably are too. However, I bet they’d still take the job if you offered it to them.

Finding the perfect photographer is less about the gloss and more about the trust. If you truly connect with each other, you’ll know that you can trust them to tell your wedding story through your eyes. You’ll know that you can trust them to invest their heart and soul into your wedding day. Not only because your day is important to them but because YOU are important to them too.

Before any booking I always advice couples to book a Chemistry Call with me. This is such an important part of our journey together. It gives us the opportunity to see if we’re a good match, if there’s a connection and if you trust me to do your wedding photos justice.

If you haven’t booked a Chemistry Call with me get in contact and let’s get a date in the diary.