Memories of Malta

It feels like I haven’t been home to Malta in forever…

I feel so sad that Noah is nearly two and that I haven’t been able to take him to the country I grew up in. I have so many fond memories growing up there as a child. I’d love to share them with him and let him start creating some of his own too.

I dream of the day he can play in the park we used to go to at the weekends or run his toes through the sand of the beaches I spend so much time at during the summer months. There’s something so magical about Malta that it’s hard to explain unless you’ve seen if for yourself.

A Maltese cat

By the sea was always my favorite place to be; I remember being shriveled up like a prune by the time I got out and had to go home. I always wanted ‘just 5 more minutes’ or ‘just one more jump’. My mum and dad always said that I was like a fish never wanting to get out of the water.

Ferri Photography in Malta

Memories of Malta

I remember a few years ago now, mum and I going out with our camera’s. We went to places that only the locals would know and soaked up all the romance, culture and history of this little island. It has so much to tell us and looking at it through my camera lens, was like I was looking at it for the first time. And I fell in love with it all over again.

So here they are…my memories of Malta…my homeland…and my love…