Finding Your Wedding Photographer

choosing your wedding photographer

I have to say that I have I get to work with the most wonderfully authentic couples.

For me it’s not about where you’re getting married, how big your wedding budget is or if you’ll be walking down the isle in Bali or Butlin’s! Don’t get me wrong, whilst a wedding overlooking the rolling hills in Tuscany, makes a pretty picture what really ‘makes’ a picture, is the people inside it.

It’s less about location but more about you…or more importantly ‘us’.

I love it when I chat to a couple and we instantly feel relaxed and at ease around each other. It’s as if we’ve met before or are old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. It’s hard to describe that feeling, but I’m sure you’ve felt it before too. It’s often described as ‘clicking’ with someone.

For me that click is so important. There are so many photographers out there to choose from. You may love the work you’ve seen, they may have come recommended by a friend and they may be in budget. However, how you feel when you’re in their company, is one of the most important factors when choosing your wedding photographer.

I tend to attract couples with the same family values. Couples who are hopeless romantics like me and couples that cry when they watch Love Actually for the billionth time at Christmas (also like me!). Couples who wear their heart on their sleeve. Couples who are real. Couples who have an authentic love for each other that oozes in the air around them whenever they’re together. Couples who don’t need grand gestures or Gucci to feel loved.

It’s for this reason I always tell couples to jump on a Chemistry Call with me to see if we’re a good fit and if we click. And if we do…I usually find the feelings mutual.

Let’s talk