Your Wedding Morning Top Tips

Your Wedding Morning Top Tips Can you believe that your big day is nearly here! All the planning must be in overdrive about now. With so many things to think about and do, I thought I’d write a little post to help with the morning preparations of your wedding day. Here are some of my ‘Top Tips!’

Plan in advance; have a little emergency kit put together. Include things like a small pair of scissors and sewing kit, invisible plasters, eyelash glue, body/clothing tape, a packet of tissues.

Make sure you remove any labels tags from your dress and accessories. Don’t forget to remove the stickers from the sole of your shoes too!

Ask one of your maids to put a playlist together. I always find music helps relax the nerves and creates an excited buzz when you’re getting ready.

Choose a room to get ready in that has plenty of natural light. Trust me, your hair and makeup artist will also thank you for it as will I 😉

Try to keep the room you’re getting ready in tidy or even better still, have a separate room where bags and clothes etc can be left. This will ensure there isn’t any clutter visible in your photos. Think about using a well-lit, clutter free room to get into your dress in too.

Have all your accessories and keepsakes together where I can easily access them. You might also want to bring some of your wedding stationary with you such as your invites. This way I won’t have to disturb you when collecting them up to take photos of them.  

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, avoid wearing a bra with straps when you’re getting ready. This way you won’t have any strap marks indented on your shoulders when you’re walking down the aisle.

Make sure you eat. If you don’t feel hungry, have things that you can graze on throughout the morning. It will be a long time before you eat again! You’ll be sitting a lot in the morning getting your hair and makeup done so ask one of your maids to be on feeding and watering duty to make sure you get a chance to eat and drink.

If your bouquet has been put in water, make sure you take it out and pat the stems dry with a tea towel or some kitchen roll half an hour before you leave to ensure you don’t get any water marks on your dress.

It’s your wedding day! Now relax and enjoy the moment.