Let me put you in the picture...

It’s because of my dad that I’m a photographer – the career that found me in an unusual twist of events. I remember my dad taking photos of where we grew up in Malta, capturing all of the coloured doors and cobbled streets, taking his camera in tow everywhere we went.

When he died a few years ago he left me his camera, his prized possession. It was so intimidating yet so intimate – the thing that connected me most to the parent I had lost. It sat in the box for such a long time, I was scared to use it, even to lift it – it was such a big part of who he was.

He left me some money when he passed away and I used that to buy myself a modern camera – spending time in nature with my camera in my hand felt like a way to connect to him, to find solace and connection in the click of a button. I felt closer to him expressing my emotions visually and with my Canon in hand I worked through my grief.

Photography for me is about memories and emotion, intimacy and connection, a camera can preserve a smile, it can press pause on a moment, it is all we have left as a memory of love.

I believe in less kit and more connection, less props and more presence. I don’t want to spend my days styling a picture and perfecting the details, I would rather witness the real and remember what was. I’ve never wanted to churn weddings out, and it’s this reason that I only book ten weddings each year. I want to keep it personal and meaningful and never lose the passion.

I’m a hopeless romantic deep down, it’s the Maltese in me. As well as a photographer I’m a mother to my little boy Noah and a partner to Chris, a good friend of mine who one day became so much more than that. He has taught me the biggest lesson of all…that love develops.

I live in a characterful cottage, my soulful space to be creative and I love it, all rustic beams and exposed brickwork, it’s quirky and charming and a little of all the things I love put together, higgledy piggledy and rough around the edges – far from pristine and a little imperfect – a lot like love. Connection has its twists and bends, it’s fire and stone, it has all of the DIY that comes with history but all of the cosy and characterful authenticity that comes with heart. This is what I love – character, connection – real couples and raw emotion.

When I finally found the courage to hold my father’s camera in my hands, it became clear that photography to me is not about fine art, it is always about heart.

l-imħabba hija dak kollu li jgħodd

{Love is all that matters}

About My Style

Although I’m officially what you would call a Fine Art Photographer, my approach is a little bit different and down to earth. I don’t like to pose my couples or try to get that catalogue perfect photo, I’m much more passionate about capturing those real moments between you both and getting to know you authentically.

My style is personal and approachable and I only book a small number of weddings each year so that I can get to know my couples intimately. Never forced, never artificial, always unique – it’s your love story, I’m simply the one behind the lens.

I want to capture the authentic magic of your marriage – images that evoke emotion and make up the memories that you’ll look back on. Light, ethereal and emotive in equal measure, my images have romance yet a raw quality, a certain softness and tangibility, a unique beauty and timeless essence.

I like to think of it as ‘Fine Heart’ photography, a combination of candid yet artistic images to remind you of those real life romantic moments – those that can never be replicated.

About My Style

With so many styles of wedding photography to choose from, and so many puzzling names, it can be daunting trying to decide which is which, let alone which is the best one for your wedding day. I often have clients ask me what Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography is, as it is so central to my style. In plain English… Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography is best described as romantic, whimsical and above all, beautiful. With knowledge of the behavior of natural light has on camera, I use this to my advantage, creating images that are both flattering and illuminating. As a Fine Art Documentary photographer, I love to work with pastel palettes, combined with warm, bright touches and natural elements that enhance their surroundings. With an artist’s eye,I use all these details together to create soft, dreamlike images. My aim is to share your wedding story with pictures that are as unique as the people inside them; each photo strong enough to stand alone as a piece of art that you can frame or hang on the wall.

Getting The Balance Right

Whilst I love incorporating a Fine Art style to my wedding photography, I feel it’s important to have a balance between candid and fine art. This is where the ‘Documentary’ part of my photography fits in! As well as gently guiding my couples and selecting the best light and setting to create beautiful images, I want to capture the true essence of the perfect day they have created. This means taking on the role of story teller; absorbing my surroundings and the emotions that fill it to anticipate and capture real, authentic moments. Moments that can’t be staged or recreated. Moments that are raw and full of true emotion. It’s these images that that you’ll reflect on time and time again and will shed a happy tear over for years to come. Want to know more about my style? Head over to my portfolio or drop me a line.

My Favourite Things