About my style

My style

With so many styles of wedding photography to choose from, and so many puzzling names, it can be daunting trying to decide which is which, let alone which is the best one for your wedding day. I often have clients ask me what Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography is, as it is so central to my style. In plain English…

Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography is best described as romantic, whimsical and above all, beautiful. With knowledge of the behavior of natural light has on camera, I use this to my advantage, creating images that are both flattering and illuminating. As a Fine Art Documentary photographer, I love to work with pastel palettes, combined with warm, bright touches and natural elements that enhance their surroundings. With an artist’s eye,I use all these details together to create soft, dreamlike images.

My aim is to share your wedding story with pictures that are as unique as the people inside them; each photo strong enough to stand alone as a piece of art that you can frame or hang on the wall.

Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography

Whilst I love incorporating a Fine Art style to my wedding photography, I feel it’s important to have a balance between candid and fine art. This is where the ‘Documentary’ part of my photography fits in! As well as gently guiding my couples and selecting the best light and setting to create beautiful images, I want to capture the true essence of the perfect day they have created. This means taking on the role of story teller; absorbing my surroundings and the emotions that fill it to anticipate and capture real, authentic moments. Moments that can’t be staged or recreated. Moments that are raw and full of true emotion. It’s these images that that you’ll reflect on time and time again and will shed a happy tear over for years to come.

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Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography

“We are completely stunned by the photos. They are breathtaking…”